The Three Volley Salute Project

21 guna salute copy

21 guna salute back copy


A progress photo of the bullets after they have been cut open
A progress photo of the bullet shells after they have been cut open



What is the Three Volley Salute Project?
In 2014 my Grandpa passed away. He was a veteran and had a military funeral. The honor guard gave the shells to my Grandma and I asked her if I could have them to make every member of the family a piece to remember Grandpa with. The first thing I made was a necklace for my Grandma to wear. Soon after a friend asked me to make his mom a necklace from his Grandpa’s shells. He loved the end result so for Christmas he had me make him and his 4 brothers tie clips from the rest of the shells. This was the start of the project.
     Here is how it works:
The veterans loved one gets in touch with me and we discuss the piece of jewelry they want me to turn the bullet shell into. They have the option of adding stones, names, dates or small images (depending on the design). Once they have decided on a piece the member of the family that has the bullet shells mails them to me. I then turn them into sheet metal I can work with and from there they are made into the piece that has been requested.
Finished Examples:
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